Bath Time!

I know, another late post, I’m terrible! Today both James and I were off work so he took me out on a date to the aquarium! It was so much fun, I LOVE fish, I LOVE swimming, I LOVE the ocean, and I LOVE aquariums. It wasn’t my first time at our aquarium but it was his, and it was really great. I was just wearing sandals though so by the time we got home, I was beat.

You know what that means..

bath time!!!

I love taking baths so much. Especially in the winter of course, there’s nothing to get you warm like a bath. I was really sad in Korea since I just had a shower and no bath! In the winter I probably take at least a bath every week or two.

When my feet hurt or when I’ve had a long day, I just run the bath, but I have a few products that I like using.


First, I use some epsom salts. These are from Target, so they aren’t the great “Dr. Teals” brand. But they are great. I’ve used the lavender one before so today I went with the eucalyptus and spearmint one. It’s just two cups per bath that you sprinkle in before you get in. It’s pretty cheap and it smells great. It’s aroma therapy as well as great for soaking. Then,


Let me mention once again how crazy I am for lemon scent. Here’s an example! I spray the room spray, then I use the shower gel as bubble bath (it works great and turns the bath blue for some reason). Then of course I use the lotion after I get out.

Then, just today I bought a mask from Burlington. I just picked it up, it was just 2.99 for the whole tube so I thought I would try it out.


It’s not a brand I’ve ever heard of but I liked the smell and consistency and I’ve wanted a new clay mask for a while.

So, I put that on for the bath too. It said a thin layer but once I put it on it had a pretty thin consistency so I kind of piled it on and then I went ahead and put it on my neck too. If something isn’t too strong and isn’t a peel off, I like to put it on my neck too, since necks are too often neglected.


if it gives you peace of mind, I was wearing a towel when I took these.

So, time for the bath!


No candlelight, sorry. Candles are expensive and they give me headaches sometimes. I usually soak for 30-45 minutes, and I actually kept the mask on that whole time too.

Baths are so relaxing, I just laid there and watched YouTube videos. When I got out, I took the mask off and WOOOOOW my skin felt SO soft! Not just that but usually when I wash my face, after I’m done drying it my skin is a little red, just from being touched and  and having products put on and rubbed off. But when I used this, my face was so even-toned and plump. I can’t wait to use it again to see if the results continue!

Hope you guys enjoyed, sorry for the late post!

(Still technically Saturday).

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