Life Update – Full Time Job

Hello Everyone!

Right now I’m sitting in my living room in the dark, its about 9PM. I just ate a pot of ramen and now I’m drinking a huge yeti-full of ice water. I just took a bath and I got out completely overheated. So I’m sitting down in shorts and a T-shirt now, AC on blast, hair wet, still boiling. The ramen didn’t help either but I was hungry.

James has strep so our schedules have been extra off lately.

Today I don’t have much to say about beauty, but this is more of a life update kind of post.

I started my job at Macy’s about three weeks ago, and I’m working almost full time (it’s considered full time there if you work at least 30 hours a week. It isn’t extra fast paced, but I think they do this because being in contact customers and selling 40 hours a week produces more negative results than positive. Managers work 40+ hours a week but of course they don’t spend 100% of their time on the floor).

I’m working at the Clinique counter and so far I really love it. The crowd at Macy’s is different than the other stores I’ve worked at. Almost all women, I rarely see boyfriends, but sometimes husbands. Most of the pairs are mothers and daughters, and the average age of our customers is probably in the 40’s or 50’s. So, overall I’m less abused and more appreciated. I feel that since people know that working at the counter comes with a good amount of education, they are much more likely to trust me. At first, that was scary, but learning that just showing the confidence I already have in Clinique’s products, I can really allow clients to trust me, without thinking I will let them down.

Today I went to the first training I’ve ever been to. Of course my counter manager is training me every day, but once a year Clinique has one Strategy meeting in each major city to go over new products, trends, and to get everyone hyped for gift time and holiday. They talked a lot about foot traffic and how that’s a big problem in department stores today. Beside Sephora and Ulta (which are both doing GREAT), Clinique is selling only in department stores, so they rely on the foot traffic. A lot of the meeting was about connecting with “millennials”. I say that in quotes because it was definitely said in quotes. I’ve never hated the word millennials or understood why everyone hates millennials before now. It’s cause they are good at everything and have beat the system. Ha ha! Just kidding. What they HAVE done though is figured out to conduct 100% of their business without seeing another human being face-to-face because they know what they like/need/want without leaving the comfort of their homes. The whole thing was a bit depressing but the most depressing part was at the end our district trainer told us she was transferring to manage Clinique for Ulta. Well, if department stores were the titanic, she definitely jumped on one of the only life boats and we are all left to straggle on piano boards and bed frames. I’m not complaining through, I mean I did metaphorically jump from the life boat back onto the titanic if we are sticking with this comparison.

The future of companies that would do well apart from department stores (name brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Estee Lauder Companies, etc), they will end up making their own stores. Some of these places do have stores in big cities, (Clinique is not one of them), but they will have to create more. SHOPPING isn’t necessarily going down and Clinique’s numbers are not down, Just malls and department stores are down. Not to mention the main reason most of these places don’t have their own stand alone stores is just because baby boomers don’t like shopping at stand alone stores. Well, that time is over.


Honestly, I love the job though. I like my co-workers and I like helping people. I like being surrounded by skin care and makeup and I like helping people and being appreciated. I also like making money, of course. Things that aren’t so great is standing for a long time is really hard. The dress code is really strict so I pretty much can’t wear shoes that make standing not the worst thing ever. We can’t sit down or lean on the counters, so it’s definitely something to get used to. It contributes to me feeling more worn out when I get home though, especially after the drive.

This is my first full time job, and so it’s been pretty hard for me to adjust. I’ve worked 8 hour days before, but not multiple in a row. The main thing I don’t like about it is that it really takes away from my time with James. Since it’s a retail store, the hours are 10-8 or 9, so sometimes I don’t get home until 10 or later. Whereas James works essentially the same 7/8-4 times. So, in the morning I’m alone and in the evening he’s alone. James is bad at routine and feeding himself so sometimes I’ll come home and he hasn’t eaten anything, and sometimes I come home and he’s waiting for me to eat, and sometimes he’s just having ramen. I feel bad because even though we are working almost the same hours now, I still feel it’s somewhat of my duty to cook food for him, or that I’m letting him down if I’m not. Especially since he’s so bad at it himself, I feel extra bad. Going to work at 9:45 means I have to start getting ready at 7:15, so I can leave by 8:45. It’s harder for me to get up much earlier than that and prepare food because as I said, a lot of the time I’m not able to even get home until 10. I want to spend time with James so often won’t sleep until midnight or later. That makes waking up really hard!

So, getting into the swing of things is something that will just take time, but hopefully we will be able to do it. On top of that, I usually work at least one day of the weekend, so the one day we do get together, I want to spend with him since we didn’t get time during the week. So who get’s left out then? My friends! It’s a difficult cycle.

Wish I was better at cooking!

If anyone has any easy, quick super delicious meal ideas that I can make once and will last us forever, I would definitely appreciate it.

One more nice aspect though is that now that we are making more money, I don’t feel as bad getting Chipotle at least half the time I’ve craving it (like once a week).


LOOOOOOOOVE all of you. How do you deal with not having enough time with your spouse? How do you full time job? What are some tips and tricks for me to win at life?

Thank guys, you all rock.



7 thoughts on “Life Update – Full Time Job

  1. Thanks for the sweet post, Michelle. I don’t want you to feel stressed out about it and to be fair, we do cook about the same amount. Sometimes, you cook more and sometimes, I cook more. I like to cook, especially for you and I know it’s mutual for you. Aside from having a full time job and learning to manage time more effectively, we also need to be less lazy and actually desire to cook, clean, and etc. instead of either eating out all the time or just not do it. That’s on both of us of course, not just me or you. I do enjoy your cooking because I know you make it with care and love. I feel that although it may not be always, but akin to writing, talking & listening, and etc., there’s a style or flavour (no pun intended and both literally and metaphorically) in each individual’s cooking as well. Let us try harder continuously.

    Also, congratulations on your new job! I’m so proud of you and I’m really happy that you like the job! I love you ❤️

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  2. Michelle, I love your insights on the state of retail, millennials, customer service, and adjusting to life as a DINK family(double income no kids). The Titanic analogy is simultaneously funny and unsettling. You have a way of showing how these colossal national issues intersect with our family/personal/spiritual lives. It’ll be a real education for us all to watch you navigate these treacherous waters. I feel privileged to have a front row seat (or maybe bed frame)!

    Concerning the state of retail, our own industry has suffered tremendous upheaval over the last 20 years with the advent of the big box stores. Independent garden centers crashed into those icebergs by the hundreds. The surviving stores not sure what’s on the horizon as the Amazon pours into marketplace. At least it’s having a melting effect on the icebergs – ha ha! Okay, I’ll quit the Titanic theme. Anyway, we’re holding on to our organic herb/veggie niche for as long we can, while still looking for new ways to be relevant. As a wholesale grower, we’re one long remove away from the end user of our products. That keeps us at the mercy of the retailers, some of whom do a lousy job of marketing. We’re constantly trying to leap over them to get in the face of the end users with our own marketing efforts, but we have to be careful not to step on the toes of the stores.

    I feel your pain about the family struggle. It’s a blessing that James is so supportive. I thank God for that. I’m confident you’ll find some creative ways to overcome all those issues. Don’t forget that you have friends, family, church and the Lord Jesus himself to lean on and help support you. Be deliberate about planning special time and events with James – you both need that! Also be deliberate about cultivating your other important relationships. Married couples need other married couples.

    You make me feel super proud!

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    1. Whew, thanks Dad. The whole situation is interesting and devistating. Yeah, James is the best. He’s also a really good cook, which helps too hahaha. You’re and interesting situation being a supplier, and in a way that what Clinique is since they don’t have their own stores. They might be hesitant to create stand alone stores as it would further decrease foot traffic in department stores.


  3. Wow, this is such a good post. And such a good blog. I am sorry I haven’t written a comment earlier, it’s because I’m usually reading it on my phone while juggling a baby in the other arm or something and I hate typing on my phone. I know it’s a good blog by the way I always get that excited belly feeling when I see you have a new post. Is that weird? I’m going to link to it on facebook if that’s ok with you.
    So, I don’t work out of the home full time but it sometimes feels like I do work full time between teaching, freelancing, and raising a tiny, uncivilized, nonverbal and helpless human being. So I get what you’re saying about feeling out of sync and unhappy with the life routines. Diana just got me a LIFE CHANGING book called 168 hours: You Have More Time Than You Think ( after I complained to her that I didn’t have time to do the things I wanted to do. I think you might enjoy it right now. The premise is that, as the title says, we all have more time than we think, it’s just about deciding what our priorities and skills and desires are, and planning and executing our days to fit. So far it’s given me a major boost of energy because I realize I actually have so much time that I haven’t been using well.
    I don’t have magical meal plans that last forever, but I think crock pot meals that you throw together in the morning and are ready and hot at night are great. As are bulk cooked items. I sometimes cook a massive quantity of black beans or chicken, etc., and freeze them in many smaller containers.

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    1. Thank you Kristin!! And of course it’s okay to share! Sounds like a good book, and in all honesty, I can tell you I have tons of time to spare, I’m just low on energy because I have way LESS time than I used to and it’s hard for me to accept haha! Crock pot meals are great, and I’ve been thinking about freezing, I will try my best!


  4. I’m really late to the party on this but I wanted to say real quick that what I do is make something really big that can be easily eaten straight out of the fridge. On a day off I’ll make a big salad type dish like pasta salad or potato salad or something along those lines. Then it sits in the fridge ready to be eaten anytime we’re not energetic. Don’t feel the cooking pressure, that’s less important than quality time. As long as you guys don’t eat too much ramen I’m sure you’ll be fine. I also keep a lot of hummus, beans, sauerkraut, salsa, etc on hand to just throw together without cooking. Keep your head up, I’ve been in the same situation and it’s tough but these things are always changing and you’ll find your footing even if it changes again right when you get in the groove.

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